Simple way for female self-catheterization

UriGuide™ is an add-on device that makes it much easier for incontinent female patients or caregivers to apply catheters.

When the guide is inserted into the vagina and lifted towards the pubic bone, the catheter is guided directly into the urethral opening – saving much time and aggravation.

The patent-pending device conforms to CE standards and is FDA listed.


  • – Facilitates self-catheterization by quickly locating the urinary opening
  • – Decreases care costs by enabling patients to self-catheterize
  • – Reduces pain and frustration

UriGuide™ is inserted into the vagina. The guiding slot positions the catheter directly in front of the urethral opening

Inserting the catheter smoothly through the urethra into the bladder

Draining the bladder

UriGuide™ is removed after the bladder is drained