Non-invasive, leak-free and
reusable male urine collector

UriCap-M™ is a reusable, non-invasive and leak-free urine collection device that keeps incontinent patients dry and comfortable. A dome-shaped silicone cap is easily placed on the tip of the penis, serving as a conduit for conveying urine directly to the urine bag via its tube. A holder with adhesive tape keeps the cap in place for up to 24 hours. Since no urine comes in contact with the skin, there is a lower risk of infection and no odor and or skin irritation.

UriCap-M™ has been tested in hospitals, nursing homes and in home-care. It is patent-pending, conforms to CE standards, and is FDA listed.



  • – Keeps the patient dry
  • – Reduces sores and pain

  • – Reduces risk of secondary infections
  • – Eliminates discomfort and pain
Improves quality of life

  • – Easy to apply and remove by patient or caregiver
  • – Increases social and physical activity
  • – Stays on for up to 24 hours
  • – Prevents odor
Reduces healthcare costs

  • – Lowers risk of CAUTI and associated side effects
  • – Fewer hospital readmissions
  • – Saves diaper storage space and waste
  • – Less care time
  • – Reusable

The first choice for
incontinence and urine collection

Place the UriCap-M™ on the tip of the penis and fasten using the adhesive tape

Connect the device to the urine bag via a standard tube