Revolutionary innovation for
female urinary incontinence

UriCap-F™ is a unique solution that helps incontinent women lead a normal life. Leak-free and non-invasive, it’s the only device that keeps the patient dry, prevents side effects and enables a more social and active lifestyle.

A thin ergonomic guide is first inserted into the vagina. When the guide is lifted against the pubic bone, the soft silicone urine cup is automatically positioned directly in front of the urethral opening. A standard urine bag (or leg bag) is then applied and an adhesive holder keeps the device in place for up to 24 hours.

UriCap-F™ has been tested in hospitals and by ambulatory outpatients. It is patent-pending, conforms to CE standards and FDA listed.



  • – Keeps the patient dry
  • – Reduces sores and pain

  • – Reduces risk of secondary infections
  • – Eliminates discomfort and pain
Improves quality of life

  • – Easy to apply and remove by patient or caregiver
  • – Increases social and physical activity
  • – Stays on for up to 24 hours
  • – Prevents odor
Reduces healthcare costs

  • – Lowers risk of CAUTI and associated side effects
  • – Fewer hospital readmissions
  • – Saves diaper storage space and waste
  • – Less care time
  • – Reusable

The first choice for managing
urine incontinence

The guide is inserted into the vagina

The collection cup positions itself in front of the urethral opening

UriCap-F™ is secured to the body using adhesive tape and the urine bag is connected via the tube of the urine bag